What is Abakidz?

Abakidz is a mind-training program for kids ages 4 to 10. The mission of Abakidz is to improve confidence, concentration, and resilience.

Our program combines the abacus, a 5,000 year old tool, and the tactile learning strategies created by Master Jeonghee Lee, the world’s foremost mental math expert. Research over the years has shown that abacus-learning programs like Abakidz positively impact students' ability to learn.

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The Abakidz Experience

It’s more than a math class. It’s a safe space where children are encourage to try something new, do something bold, and take their current skills to the next level.

The Class we integrate iPad apps, live streaming with Master Lee, and memory games to enhance the Abakidz experience.

Coaches, not teachers. Our instructors are here to help guide our children in their growth. Yes, we teach them new skills; but the magic is in helping a child own their new skill.

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The abacus is a superb tool for teaching children the basics of arithmetic… the confidence a child gains from it helps that child also in developing his/her reading skills.
— Prof. W. E. Hagston, University of Hull, Theoretical Physics

Abakidz in the Community