The Program


What is an abacus?

The abacus is a 5,000-year old calculation tool that has been used primarily in China, Japan, India, and Korea. A renewed appreciation of the unique cognitive benefits of an abacus-based program like Abakidz has led to growing interest around the world.

I didn’t have a computer until
I was 19 - but I did have an abacus.
— Jan Koum, Co-Founder of WhatsApp.

Our Approach

Master Jeonghee Lee developed her unique curriculum emphasizing visualization techniques which allow your children to make rapid and accurate mental calculations.

Classroom instruction also includes tactile and auditory training, thereby engaging multiple learning modalities simultaneously.


The Classroom Experience

Each hour of class features a multi-modality program that facilitates faster development of numerical fluency and improves memory. Additionally, by engaging in all three learning modalities, students in Abakidz are trained to stay engaged and focused in the task at hand.



Improving visual processing speed can result in faster calculation and reading speed. This also helps increase student’s ability to capture more information at once.


Classroom activities pushes students to improve on their ability to retain auditory information.


Manipulating the abacus beads and solving problems with a unique hands-on method will engage the right side of the brain, which processes visuo-spatial information.


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